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“Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of intelligent effort.”

John Ruskin

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High Quality

Sustainable High Quality from China and India

After the development phase, the quality level of the supplies is fully acceptable now. But how to keep it high quality? You will need to take action to avoid receiving a container of poor-quality products eventually. To guarantee sustainable high quality from China and India a good relationship with your supplier is essential. Like in […]

China - India

Mechanical Engineering: China and India are Different Worlds

If you want to source machined components, note the differences in mechanical engineering compared to the industry standard in Europe. Here are some basics you should think about. One point both countries have in common: The specification shall be very detailed, sometimes even customized to the suppliers needs. Do not make the mistake to belief […]


India: Simply Incredible

“Incredible” is the best word to describe India. The head wobble, Indian festivals, traffic, nature, pollution, working methods and so on. It can be overwhelming and a shock at the same time. Going to India takes some precaution. Always clean your hands! Food is very spicy and eaten with the fingers. Sealed bottled water only. […]


China: Contrast between Cutting-Edge and Tradition

Shanghai Pudong International Airport, my first steps onto Chinese soil. Undoubtedly, many will follow in the next two weeks, when travelling to different suppliers in half of the ancient Middle Kingdom, also called “Zhōngguó”. I was utterly overwhelmed by the crowd of people storming to the exit, searching for a person holding a name tag […]


Insights: Austrian Engineer in China and India

With this blog I would like to share my experiences as QA-Manager that I have made with companies located in China and India. I started this blog to give you an insight on the business practices, impressions of the countries and culture. I had several business trips to China and India, typically for two weeks. […]

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